Cooperative Work Experience

PGA Golf Management students must complete a minimum of 16 months of cooperative work experience under the guidance of MSU's nationally recognized Cooperative Education Program, which alternates academic and work semesters.  These work experiences are under the tutelage of Class A PGA professionals throughout the country.  PGA Golf Management students must be continuously enrolled as full-time students either on campus or in the Cooperative Education Program according to their co-op schedule. 


The MSU PGA Golf Management program has placed students at over 1,000 different golf courses around the world during our 30 year history.  Over the past 3 years, MSU PGA Golf Management students have worked at:

  • 14 of the top 25 Classical Golf Courses
  • 11 of the top 25 Modern Golf Courses
  • 14 of the top 25 Resort Golf Courses

as ranked by GolfWeek magazine.   


Student placement occurs through on campus interviews conducted each fall.  On average, 20 employers from around the country attend the multi-day interview period.  Students have the opportunity to display their skills and experiences in hopes of securing their ideal work experience. 

Employers also have the option to post job positions through our online Connections software.  Students are able to view these job postings and submit their resume for the position.   

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